Thursday, October 23, 2014

We the People

We the People have become divided on all fronts, to which defeat has been accepted.We are divided by race, religion, politics, and social status.
We have accepted the mass media and the biased opinions of a few to cause animosity and discontent amongst us.
We allow these views and opinions to dictate our lives with false realities of content.
We allow the government to blind us with strikes against our freedoms.
We reach for the government’s outstretched hand and accept the chains in their other.
We forget our founding father’s declarations as it falls on deaf ears.
We forget who they represented, the voice of the people, who longed for their freedom from a tyrannical government.
We leave the path that was engraved in the constitution for us.
We no longer strive for freedom but accept the scraps that we are left.
We need to set aside our differences and find our path back to the United States of America that everyone once envied.
We need to open our eyes and fight for our rights, before we become shackled in our own anguish.
We fight for our lives and the lives of generations to come.
We the people will pursue our natural and God-given right of freedom.
by Libertas Omnium

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